Terms and Conditions

Admission and Supervision:

By booking a ticket/using our services, you declare that you are the parent/s or the rightful guardian of the child/children stated and understand that admission is subject to terms and conditions.You acknowledge and agree to supervise your children at all times to ensure proper, safe play and not to endanger or inconvenience others in the center.

Acknowledgment of Risks:

You acknowledge that there are inherent risks of injuries associated with dynamic play between children/persons and the use of equipment and facilities provided by Nekoland. You accept these risks and agree to abide by all rules, signage, and directions given by the crew.

Liability Waiver:

You shall not hold the operators, owners, franchisor, franchisee, directors, and staff of Nekoland and all its affiliated companies responsible and liable for any injuries, damages, or death resulting from admission, patronage, and the consumption of services and use of equipment. The Management reserves the right to change its terms and conditions, refuse entry, remove persons from the premises, and take any necessary action to ensure the safety and enjoyment of its customers.

Use of Information:

By booking a ticket/using our services, you consent to the use of your information by Nekoland. Your information will not be shared with other parties and will be kept confidential.It will be used solely by the brand owner, its affiliates, related companies, and staff of The Polliwogs Group and Nekoland for marketing purposes, analytics, provision and administration of various services, servicing and quality monitoring, as well as for investigation and contact tracing purposes when necessary.You acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined above and agree to abide by them while booking a ticket/using our services at Nekoland.